Santa Specials on the Watercress Line

Welcome to this podcast featuring the Santa Specials that run on the Watercress Line. Santa comes all the way from his home at the North Pole each time a train is running. During his visit his sleigh is looked after by the maintenance team at Ropley and, if you look carefully out of the train windows, you may see his reindeer in one of the fields by the track.

There is so much magic surrounding Santa and lots of this rubs off on the passengers. You can hear everybody having a wonderful time. I’ve not seen so many smiling faces since Santa’s visit last year.

I got the chance to talk to a slightly slimline Santa. Mrs Christmas put him on a strict diet over the last few months. He needed to slim down to make room for all the mice pies that he’ll eat as he travels the world on Christmas Eve. This year please also leave a carrot for his reindeer, as well as the mince pie.

I will also be talking with Santa on Christmas Eve. This will be just before he sets off on his marathon sleigh ride around the world. You can listen to us here from mid-afternoon (GMT) on the 24th.

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My thanks to Santa, his team of on train ‘helpers’, the Elves that he left at the North Pole and all the passengers on the trains. My thanks also go to the members of the team at the Watercress Line who make these podcasts possible.

To visit the Watercress Line website please follow this link Watercress Line.

Join me on Christmas Eve for my interview with Santa, and then in two weeks for the next episode of Life on the Watercress Line.

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Author: Tim D

In the early 1970s Mr Timothy & his Phonograph was a popular mobile disco around Leeds University and Tim was known as MrT. Tim also spent 9 years broadcasting a weekly programme on Hospital Radio in Wakefield. He worked for more than 40 years for large industrial organisations and spent his last 15 years in global commercial management roles. Following retirement he started making podcasts in 2017.