The Chinese Art of Dissent

Season 2018 / 2019 – Talk 16 C – The Chinese Art of Dissent

Alan Freeland’s talk on The Chinese Art of Dissent is the third in a series of four short talks given at the end of the Summer ‘Term’ to the Farnham U3A World History Group.

The first part of the talk looks at the ‘scholar’ officials of the Ming Dynasty. Alan tells of the importance of scholarship in the Government of China over the years.

He talks about the trials and tribulations of the officials when there was a dynastic change. We learn about the use of ‘bamboo slips’ to create the written records.

The talk continues with the paintings of Gong Kai and Wang Hui. He ends by coming completely up to date with examples of modern dissidence expressed in art.

It is not possible to include all the pictures shown in the original talk because of copyright limitations.

Please follow this link for the presentation.

The last talks in this series of Short Talks will be published in the next week.

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